Temporary Roof Scaffolding in Cobham | The Importance of Scaffold Design

The team at Scorpion Scaffolding prides itself on our reputation as a foremost scaffolding company in the Cobham area. Even with CHAS and CITB accreditation, a proven track record of almost 20 years and a team of scaffolding contractors sharing over 50 years of trade experience, we continually strive to improve our service. It’s vital that any domestic or commercial scaffolding project receives an appropriately designed support structure to maximise safety and functionality. From small access scaffolds to all-encompassing temporary roof scaffolding, we ensure that our Cobham clients receive the perfect design for the dimensions of their property.

We offer bespoke domestic and commercial scaffolding options in a variety of styles. Below, we’ve outlined the most popular scaffold designs that we assemble in the Cobham area.

Popular Scaffolding Designs

In our role as your chosen scaffolding company, we have expertise in assembling the following kinds of scaffolding:

1. Temporary Roof Scaffolding
This kind of scaffolding requires the kind of careful planning and design that has become second nature to our scaffolding contractors. As temporary roof scaffolding specialists, we have designed and assembled countless structures to protect Cobham properties. Temporary roof scaffolding fulfils two primary tasks. The first is to prevent the elements penetrating a property with a compromised roof, or in some cases, no roof at all. Whether due to refurbishments, renovations or an emergency, protecting the interior remains vital to minimising further roofing issues.

The second role played by temporary roof scaffolding allows work to continue at the Cobham site regardless of the weather conditions. With an overhead aluminium cover and waterproof sheeting at the sides, tradespeople, builders and scaffolding contractors remain unaffected at all times.

2. Supported Scaffolding
Also known as bricklayer’s scaffolding, this domestic and commercial scaffolding design provides simple, yet reliable, solutions for construction projects. Perfect for sites with heavy machinery, materials, tools and sizeable workforces, we design supported scaffolding to withstand the most rigorous of demands. As your scaffolding company of choice, we design and assemble these scaffolds with load bearing poles and standards coupled with platforms and frames for the ultimate balance. For the final touch, these structures are then connected to the wall of the Cobham property.

3. Suspended Scaffolding
Equally fitting for domestic and commercial scaffolding projects in Cobham, suspended designs allow tradespeople such as painters and decorators to work proficiently at height. When designed by experienced scaffolding contractors, suspended scaffolding allows for completely safe work on multiple levels through the use of a moveable platform. What’s more, these scaffolds have no connection to the ground, so they can be moved to multiple areas of a room for efficient results.

4. Cantilever Scaffolding
In our role as your chosen domestic and commercial scaffolding company, we design cantilever structures for Cobham clients who need to undertake work on unstable ground or around immovable objects. In addition, our clients also use cantilever designs in town and city centres as the scaffolding base can’t be placed in the middle of a busy street. Simply put, cantilever structures designed by our scaffolding contractors allow for working at height when space is at a premium.

For more information regarding the services we provide as a scaffolding company, including temporary roof scaffolding, please contact us.

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