Temporary Roof Scaffolding in Woking | Our Services Explained

Scorpion Scaffolding takes great pride in the reputation for outstanding domestic and commercial scaffolding services we have achieved since our establishment in 2000. From temporary roof scaffolding to access scaffolding, we have a proven track record as scaffolding contractors that goes back almost two decades. With this experience, however, we understand that choosing a scaffolding company can be a difficult process for Woking homeowners. A great deal of trust is placed in scaffolding contractors of choice, and it’s vital to get the decision right.

Below, we’ve outlined our most popular services so our clients can rest assured that Scorpion Scaffolding remains the right choice for every domestic and commercial scaffolding need.

1. Temporary Roof Scaffolding
We have the expertise and experience in temporary roof scaffolding that no other scaffolding company in the Woking area can match. Whether required for an emergency roofing situation, scheduled repairs or refurbishments, or as part of a new build project, temporary roof scaffolding helps to protect an exposed property while the roofing materials are compromised.

The process of assembling temporary roof scaffolding starts with the placement of scaffolding materials around the roofline of a Woking property. Our scaffolding contractors then line the roof with aluminium beams to provide an overhead cover from the elements. Waterproof sheeting is then placed around the sides of this structure for a complete seal, allowing work to progress whatever the weather.

2. Domestic Scaffolding
As a locally-trusted scaffolding company, we have a dedicated domestic scaffolding service perfect for any kind of home improvement projects. Whether it’s for roof repairs, a loft conversion or working at height within a Woking property, we design and assemble a complete range of access scaffolding for any need.

Our scaffolding contractors undertake a full site survey and risk assessment of the property before designing a bespoke support structure to fit the dimensions and requirements of the job at hand. With prompt delivery and dismantling, our domestic scaffolding keeps disturbance to daily lives to an absolute minimum.

3. Commercial Scaffolding
Much like our domestic service, the commercial scaffolding we provide caters exclusively to the needs of Woking clients in that sector. We understand that our commercial scaffolding clients have strict budgets and tight deadlines, usually as part of a much larger project. As your chosen scaffolding company, we communicate clearly and honestly to provide the most efficient service possible.

After undertaking a risk assessment and site survey, our scaffolding contractors design a bespoke scaffold, taking into account the expected loads of builders and tradespeople, their tools and materials. Quite simply, when it comes to commercial scaffolding in Woking, we offer clients what they need – a safe, reliable service that keeps a project moving forward on schedule.

For more information on temporary roof scaffolding, domestic scaffolding and commercial scaffolding in Woking, call 01483 235514 or 07932 919200.