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One of the core tenants at the heart of Scorpion Scaffolding is versatility: being ready to take on projects of all types and sizes, tailoring domestic and commercial scaffolding services to each and every client. That’s why our scaffolding contractors welcome inquiries from both homeowners and companies/tradesmen in the Leatherhead area.

It’s our aim to be able to meet all domestic and commercial scaffolding requirements, and further cement ourselves as the scaffolding company of choice in the Surrey area. To give an example of the different types of work we carry out, we’ve run over a few typical projects we attend to over the course of the average week.

But it’s by no means complete! So whatever the task at hand, give our team a call to discuss how we can help facilitate safe, efficient work at height. You can reach us on 01483 235 514 or 07932 919 200.

Common Projects We Assist With

Extensions – It’s an exciting time, investing in your property via the addition of usable space, sometimes across multiple floors. But temporary roof scaffolding may be required to protect work from the elements, while working structures will help tradesmen in their construction of upper segments of the extension. Having a structure carefully designed by a scaffolding company with experience in this area can make for a hiccup-free extension, and a high standard of completed work.

New Builds – We’re proud to have worked with both individuals and property development companies to help with the construction of new builds around Leatherhead. A meticulously designed and erected structure will make short work of construction of upper floors of the build. Likewise, temporary roof scaffolding will prove essential to ensure that work isn’t scuppered by inclement weather conditions.

Property Maintenance – Repointing brickwork, replacing windows, painting or decorating external walls – many essential aspects of property maintenance may require the assistance of a scaffolding company to facilitate work at height. The bespoke structures we design and erect as domestic and commercial scaffolding contractors for the Leatherhead area are precisely tailored to your immediate needs, ensuring property maintenance tasks aren’t just carried out safely, but to a high quality standard that would otherwise be impossible. We can also construct hanging structures for tall properties, allowing window cleaners to keep the upper floors of a building in good order.

Roofing – Work on roofline elements such as fascias and soffits may require a scaffolding set-up due to the difficulty of working on large segments from a ladder. Repair work and re-roofing certainly will, and our scaffolding contractors can also established temporary roof scaffolding so that any area that is left unprotected while work is conducted, doesn’t compromise a Leatherhead property when the rains started to fall, leading to leaks and water damage.

Do you require domestic or commercial scaffolding services in the Leatherhead area? Choose Scorpion Scaffolding for an unrivalled standard of service. Call 01483 235514 or 07932 919200.