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Once you’ve brought in a scaffolding company to design and erect a structure that will facilitate safe, efficient work at height, you still have to consider how that scaffolding will be maintained; a key part of this is bringing in competent persons, e.g scaffolding contractors, to inspect the structure.

When are these inspections required and why? That’s what this page looks to answer. But if you’ve found it while searching for a scaffolding company in Esher, whether for a domestic or commercial scaffolding solution, such as temporary roof scaffolding, call us directly on 01483 235514 or 07932 919200. We can discuss your project and how our team can help you complete it without incident.

Scaffolding Inspections & the Law

An initial inspection will be carried out once the scaffolding has first gone up. A scaffolding company or sole trader scaffolding contractors with the required qualifications will ensure that it is secured, that designs have been adhered to, that no corners have been cut, materials can withstand the agreed load, and any potential risk factors on the site are managed (e.g over hanging wires).

Esher residents will then need to have their domestic / commercial scaffolding structure inspected every 7 days from first use; if possible, choose a set time and day for this to happen each week, like clockwork, to integrate it within your development schedule and make it easier for you, any professionals working with you, and our scaffolding contractors!

Other situations in which you’ll need to contact a scaffolding company to arrange an emergency inspection prior to any work continuing at height on a structure, include the following:

a) After severe weather conditions
b) Following suspected damage to scaffolding
c) If you suspect trespass, tampering or vandalism

As the Esher area’s one stop solution for all aspects of domestic and commercial scaffolding, we’ll be able to quickly attend to your site to ensure that the structure is still secure and safe for use. This also goes for temporary roof scaffolding, which could if structurally compromised collapse and harm workers/members of the public etc. standing beneath it.

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