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Sometimes, it’s obvious a project will call for the design and implementation of scaffolding; there’s simply no other way to approach the job. Other times, scaffolding might not be the first approach you consider – but it turns out to be one that will pay off in terms of expense, safety, and the efficiency with which you can complete a project. So for our second ever blog post, we thought we’d look at some of the projects we most commonly assist with in and around the Farnham and wider Surrey areas, and why scaffolding might be the ideal access solution.

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Common Projects Assisted by Scaffolding

Home Improvements – A broad category that includes everything from the construction of extensions to re-roofing or chimney replacement. All of the aforementioned services – and anything which involves extensive work at height – are aided by the design and construction of quality scaffolding. As well as safeguarding workers by addressing all potential risks as identified in an initial risk assessment, scaffolding allows for work to continue smoothly and efficiently, ensuring Farnham contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike can complete their project within the expected timeframe.

Painting & Decorating – Painting or decorating the entirety of a home’s façade would take a very long time if conducted from a ladder. There’s the constant readjusting and moving of the ladder, as well as the risk involved in working from one. The same goes for certain interior spaces, where Scorpion Scaffolding in Farnham offer clients a secret weapon – birdcage scaffolding. This provides a large, fixed height working platform ideal for the decoration of high ceilings.

Inspection, Maintenance & Repairs – These interlinked tasks can all benefit from scaffolding, or simply prove impossible without it. Building inspection is often a mandatory requirement linked to regulation or an in-house code, while essential maintenance repairs to external aspects of a building can include work on fascias, soffits, a roof, chimney, walls and windows. Scorpion Scaffolding works closely with property owners, landlords, and property management companies around Farnham to ensure that they have a scaffolding expert at hand when any maintenance or repair requirements rear their head.

Window Cleaning – Have you ever seen window cleaners working on large tower blocks or skyscrapers and thought – I wouldn’t want that job! It takes a great deal of courage to overcome our primal aversion to heights and fulfil this essential task. But window cleaners are aided by the knowledge the scaffolding they’re using won’t let them down. We can design hanging scaffolding specifically to a property’s specifications, ensuring that window cleaning 15-20 floors up in the air is just as safe as window cleaning on the ground!

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