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Working at height carries a number of extra risks with it, when compared with simply working on a construction site at ground level. Fortunately, there are easy ways to manage these risks and ensure you and/or your team are unlikely to sustain injury. This is the subject of Scorpion Scaffolding’s third and final instalment in our first run of blogs. But, you might ask, what gives you authority to speak on the subject? Well, we’ve long served as Leatherhead and the wider Surrey area’s favoured scaffolding company, and provide a complete range of services for both homeowners and distinguished commercial clients.

If you’d like to benefit from this expertise, and an approach to costing that’s highly competitive, why not give us a call on 01483 235 514 or 07932 919 200? Our qualified scaffolding contractors are equally at home setting up a small, bespoke scaffold for a home extension, as we are a huge structure designed to enable the delivery of a new build scheme in or around the Leatherhead area. With scaffolding, versatility is the name of the game. But without further ado…

Managing Risks When Working at Height

Stability of Scaffolding – When we design and install your scaffolding, we’ll do so with a number of factors in mind: the property it will be attached to, the strength of the ground beneath it, the nature of work being conducted and the number of persons who’ll be working on the scaffold. We’ll be able to create a structure that can handle an appropriate maximum weight, which will boast the requisite strength and stability and then some! However, Leatherhead clients will need to book in weekly scaffolding inspections to ensure our structures stay stable. Trespass and vandalism, severe weather conditions, damage to scaffold as a result of the on-going work etc. can all compromise the scaffolding’s safety and call for adjustments or repair.

Weather – Then there’s the affects of weather as you work on the scaffold. If a scaffold is uncovered, you’ll want to avoid working on it in the rain or snow as slips then become a major possibility, and a potentially fatal one. Strong winds can knock tools or materials off a scaffold and also cause distraction while working, as can the (albeit rare) instances of extreme heat that sweep across Leatherhead from time to time. If the weather is playing up, you should consider taking a break from any required work at height, at least until it’s back to normal!

Tidiness – Keeping a scaffold clean and tidy and not littered with tools and materials help safeguard you in two crucial ways: you avoid potential tripping hazards, and knocking heavy objects off which can cause serious injury or death to those above. Develop a strict working practice and ensure that before and after scaffolding is in use, that any errant items are cleared away or moved off the scaffold. It may sound obvious, but many Leatherhead contractors will attest to finding employees getting lazy, especially at the end of long working days.

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